Wednesday, October 22, 2008

More Ways than One to be Buried

Over at Adrian McKinty's always excellent The Psychopathology of Everyday Life blog (, they, or I suppose I should say we, have been discussing the recent exhumation of the bones of Garcia Lorca from the mass grave in which he was buried with many more of his compatriots.

It's interesting in this connection that I have just read recently of another Spanish literary light of that era in the latest issue of Tin House, which has the theme of "The Political Future". (Great issue, by the way--full of essays and reflections from all the current literati you'd care to read.) Mark Statman writes of the erasure of the work of poet Jose Maria Hinojosa, a member of the Franco faction who was murdered in prison only days after Lorca himself was killed. Statman himself finds himself at odds with Hinojosa's politics, but is disturbed that the literary work of this man, which was not political, has vanished from our view. You can read his full if brief essay on the subject here:

It's not so easy, see?

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Try to Remember the Kind of September...Because it's Already October

Wouldn't it be funny if this blog itself became a victim of my own lapse of memory? It seems to be headed in that direction lately, anyway. I wonder if anyone has done any research on forgetting the existence of one's own blog? Because you know there have to be a million of them mouldering away untended out there...