Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Oil, Oil Everywhere

It's funny, but this is the blog I often have the most trouble thinking up ideas for. Right now, though, I am spoiled for choice. As the Gulf of Mexico oil spill is perhaps the most pressing at the moment, though, I'll mention two sources that show how we have already been here time and time again. The first comes from a Talk of the Town piece by Elizabeth Kolbert about the 1968 accident off the California coast, showing both that we knew everything we needed to know about this stuff way back when, but also mentioning how such catastrophes can, at the right cultural moment, be catalysts for change.

That seemed enough, but then I caught the Rachel Maddow show tonight, which shows how, in 1979, we went through a very similar experience in the Gulf of Mexico. (No, I don't remember it either--that's sort of the point around here, though.)


  1. An interesting perspective on the BP oil spill as it pertains to Sanibel Island in Florida -

  2. Thank you for that link, Eric. As the article mentions up front anyone who clicks through to the article will want to read through to the end.

    I find it astounding that that is the way BP would choose to spend their money at this time. Good luck to you and the Cape Coral folks.

  3. And, I should add, the wildlife.