Thursday, April 28, 2011

Media Time versus Real Time

"The crises of 2011 have underlined how media time stretches real time. The duration of an event in the public mind is a function of the total length of all broadcasts about that event."

I'm not sure this relates to memory in anybody's mind but mine, but I thought I'd link to this recent post for Yahoo! India by Girish Shahane called Fast Food and Smoking Guns in any case. He manages to state clearly something that at least occasionally this blog is supposed to be about. In some ways he is talking about something quite different--how media stretches our interest, but perhaps the inverse is true. When the media has left the issue our minds turn away from it as well.

In any case, Girish always writes thoughtful pieces, and here is a good place to sample his work. You can also leave a comment for him at his own blog, Shoot First, Mumble Later .

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