Friday, September 19, 2014

Gender differences in memory explained at Slate

I just finished reading an article at Slate called Why Men Never Remember Anything, by Melissa Dahl. The idea is that without meaning to, parents educate boys and girls differently when it comes to remembering things.

It's funny, because in my life, I seem to have run across a lot of men and boys with excellent memory--much better memory than mine. But when I think about it, they possibly tend to remember more informational stuff than they do about experiences with friends and family.

It's apparently better for your memory to have lots of different points of access to experience. So boys, even if you're bored with what's going on with your girlfriend or sister, you should at least try to recall it. It's in your own best interest.


  1. As frequently with such things, I suspect the overlapping range of ability within the sexes is a lot closer to identity than a sharp difference.

  2. Could be, Todd. I think we probably all remember best what seems important to us, and that what's important to us is probably partly inherent and partly acquired. But whatever we get praise or support for remembering probably has a better chance of sticking.

  3. I had never thought that gender and memory had any links. I shall have to think about this, Seana.

    Just whizzing by to wish you a Very Merry Christmas and every Happiness in the New Year.

    I continue to enjoy reading your posts, so thank you for all the thought you put into them.

    Best regards, Maria.

  4. I'm always happy to see you popping by, Maria. I hope your holidays will be very merry as well.