Sunday, August 22, 2010

American Amnesia

Our American inability to hold even recent historical facts in our head is fascinating to me, and being an American, I really don't know if citizens of other countries are afflicted with this syndrome or not. It would be nice if I could say that this was a recurrent theme on this blog, but as it is, I kind of forget...

Here's a brief Slate piece on our amnesia about government spending.


  1. Hmm, I'm not sure that link works. Does the piece say Americans didn't complain about government spending when Bush II was doing it or when Reagan promised to balance the budget by 1984?

  2. Thanks, Peter. I usually double check the links, because I screw them up all the time, but today I was hurrying up to see Love's Labor's Lost at Shakespeare Santa Cruz. (It was a wonderful performance and by some odd twist of fate, I had a front row seat.)

    Yes, though it doesn't go back as far as Reagan, you get the gist. It wasn't a partisan rant, either--just pointing out the steady increase of govt. spending under all recent administrations.