Friday, August 13, 2010

ba dum chhh

Bit of a cheat, this one, as I lifted it from some sort of joke-a-day site that my mom subscribes to...Does it help that I'm telling it from memory?

An elderly man, let's call him Dave, runs into a pal of his--uh, Herb.

Herb says, "So I hear you've been going to some sort of memory loss clinic. How's that going?"

Dave says, "Oh, it's fantastic. They've taught me to do active imagery, meditation, all sorts of stuff."

Herb replies, " Sounds great! What's the name of this clinic, anyway?"

Dave falls silent. He looks off into the distance for a moment. "Oh, I know! What's the name of that flowering plant that grows in the garden and is covered with thorns?"

"A rose?" Herb ventures.

"That's it!" Dave says, his face lighting up. He turns to his wife. "Rose, what's the name of that memory loss clinic I've been going to?"

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